How to gain unshakeable confidence

How to gain unshakeable confidence

Why is confidence important?

Confidence is essential for both personal and professional success. It allows you to have the courage to take risks, push yourself out of your comfort zones, and pursue opportunities without the fear of failure or rejection.

Confidence gives us the mental strength to handle difficult situations and overcome obstacles. It helps us to believe in ourselves and our abilities, which in turn enables us to approach challenges with a positive attitude, greater aptitude, while staying motivated and persistent – ultimately achieving our goals.

Additionally, confidence can also positively impact the way others perceive us, increasing our credibility and ability to influence others positively. Having self-confidence enables us to create a positive self-image, leading to improved mental health and overall well-being. Therefore, building and maintaining confidence is critical for personal growth, professional success, and living a fulfilling life.

Three ways to build more confidence:

1. Hypnosis: Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can help people overcome fears and self-doubt. During hypnosis, a trained professional guides you into a state of deep relaxation and suggests positive affirmations that can change the way you think and feel about yourself. With regular practice, hypnosis can help you overcome negative self-talk and improve your self-esteem.

2. Transformation Alchemist: Working with a Transformation Alchemist can provide you with the tools, support, accountability and massive shifts in your energy that are needed to overcome the obstacles holding you back from reaching your goals. A Transformation Alchemist is a highly skilled person who has undergone rigorous physical, mental and spiritual transformation through intense real world experience, study and practise to unlock the heights of their ability in order to serve mankind in a greater capacity. A transformation alchemist can help you gain deep clarity and heightened focus on your purpose, help create an action plan, and provide motivation and encouragement. As you transcend your limitations, your confidence and ability to achieve profound results comes as a byproduct, naturally.

3. Self-Care: Taking care of your physical body can boost your confidence. Eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly can improve your body image, increase energy levels, and reduce stress. Investing in yourself in this way sends a message to yourself that you are worth the effort and deserve to feel good.

In conclusion, building confidence takes effort, proper guidance and of course consistent practice. Neglect leads to greater loss. The cost of regret is far more than the cost of investing in improving your life by any means.

The shortcut to building your confidence:

As a certified hypnotherapist, alchemist and life coach with over 20 years of experience, I’ve helped over 950 clients (in the last year) transform fear and uncertainty into confidence and the ability to transcend limits. I combine ancient wisdom and modern techniques, to help my clients see their full potential and cultivate an unstoppable mindset. I can help you to reprogram your mind to adopt a more confident and positive outlook on life.

Ready to live life on your terms? Let’s connect and see if we qualify to work together for a better tomorrow. You can add your name to my client waiting list by clicking here.

To your success,

Andre Zen

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  • I struggled with how to build confidence my whole life. Looking back, I could have made much more of my life if only I didn’t feel so insecure about what others thought. I could have been a pro footballer, a famous actor or maybe a successful business man. The price I pay now for not doing something about my lack of confidence has haunted me for years with regret and upset. Use me as an example kids, go for what you want in life. If you don’t have the balls, get Andre to work with you. He has already done so much for me and my family. You don’t want to live with regret, the price is much higher than just going for it and failing. God bless

  • Does this work even if you have had no confidence your whole life? What’s the time span it will take to build the confidence using hypnosis please?

    • Dear Erin,

      You can build confidence at any time in your life, provided it’s truly what you want and you have a solid reason for doing so. I needed to be confident in order to live out my dreams. There was no compromise, it was and still is a must.

      I hope this helps. If you are ready to take your confidence into your own hands, please feel free to contact me directly.

      To your success,


  • Hi Andre. I want to resolve my confidence issue. But I am on low income. Is there any options for me to work with you? Like some kind of online course for confidence?

    • Hi Vipula,

      I am working on finalising my online courses. If you subscribe, then I will send an announcement out once they are ready. I can’t say if they will be ready this year or early next year. I do offer interest free payments through PayPal. You can order a bespoke hypnosis session which you can work on at home by listening to the audio file. This is likely the most economic option I have right now.

  • Andre this is a great read! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to reading more soon. I’ve been working on my confidence most of this year. But I need a little extra push I think. I will be in touch soon to book a session in.

    – Bryan

  • I knew a hypnosis expert 10 years ago. I never tried it and lost touch with that person. Confidence is a good skill to build. I need more, so I will try it here with you.

  • Men seriously lack confidence these days. Will this Hypnotherapy give me confidence like Andrew Tate? I want to be unstoppable. Can hypnosis help me gain the mind to make money in a better way?

    • Hi Kregg,

      Apologies for the delayed reply. Yes, hypnotherapy can give you confidence on par with Andrew Tate or any other confident person. Feel free to reach out for an initial consultation.

      All the best,


  • I wonder can hypnosis really work on confidence. I would like to try it once or twice. But I am a bit scared of hypnosis. I don’t want to lose my mind and start getting brain controlled. Can you explain more?

    • Hi Van,

      Hypnotherapy is the fastest method to gaining confidence that I know. The beauty about it is that you can zone in on a specific area that you need to gain confidence in such as public speaking, social settings and even dating.

      I hope this help.

      All the best,


    • Hi Richard,

      This is very individual, it can happen in 1 session, but I always recommend aiming for 3 sessions over a 3 week period (1 session per week).

      All the best,


  • Merry Xmas Andre, I pray all your dreams come true and you help millions of people all over the world gain the confidence to live a happy life xoxox

  • My prophecy is that you will do amazing things world-wide Andre, keep pushing and don’t let set backs deter your from. your global mission my dear son.

  • Working out makes me more confident when I see my muscles grow. But if someone has bigger muscles then maybe I am less confidence.

  • @jamie this is the guy I was telling you about. He uses hypnosis to rebuild your mind. What do you think? I’m going to book in with him for end of Jan. We should do it together bro. Need to step up our confidence up so we can play in the big leagues this year.

  • I get shook up easily. I have booked in to get this area of my life handled. I’ve never been confident and can only pray this works for me.

  • Can I make a booking with you sir? I need some inner strength right now and I like what I’ve seen of you on tiktok

  • Best way to build confidence is not to over think. thinking creates problems. Action creates solutions. Just do the damn thing and worry about the consequences after. I am curious about hypnosis but also scared. I may take you up on a session sometime and see what happens. Why not? No regrets!

  • I want more confidence for dating men. I have always get advantage taken in relationships and feel shy to speak my desires. Can hypnosis help build confidence for dating?

    • Dear Ash,

      Sorry to hear that you’ve had these troubles. Relationships is one of my specialities! I’ve sent you a direct email so we can discover if we are a fit to work together for a brighter future.

      Much Love,


    • Hi William,

      Not at present. Hypnosis sessions are best done 1-2-1, sessions is customised due to each persons mind being uniquely wired. A 1-size fits all approach is less effective.

      I do offer bespoke recorded sessions that you can listen to at your own pace – this is a more affordable option than 1-2-1 bookings. I’ve emailed you the link to this.

      All the best,


    • Hi Jose,

      Yes – I’m available for world-wide bookings. I have existing clients in Mexico, the states, China, Australia and beyond.

      I’ve sent you an email about how to book a session with me.

      All the best,


  • Confidence! Hypnotherapy! Win Win! Used to help me with sleep! It Works! hypnosis is great! Didn’t know it can help confidence! What about anxiety?!

  • I love a confident man. I hope this can help more men gain the confidence to approach me in public. Too many are shy, they don’t have the balls. Maybe because I have an hour glass figure it intimidates them. Crazy to be so pretty and so many scared men.

  • Nothing in life beats having more confidence. Learning how to gain confidence is important. A skill not to be neglected or you’ll be left behind.

  • As someone who has spent time with Andre in person. His level of confidence is unmatched! He is the man you want to see to get this area of your life handled.

  • As a side note, I’ve used Andre as my hypnotherapist to build my confidence in December and literally I am transformed to a new man here in January. Confidence is through the roof! I am saved! No more hiding and watching from the sidelines. Now I am the main attraction in the story of my life! Don’t hesitate! Step up and let yourself shine with Andre’s help!

  • I want to be more confident to be able to make sales through cold calling. Can hypnotherapy help build that type of confidence?

    • Hi Cemma,

      Yes! Absolutely, hypnotherapy can help you build confidence in every area of your life. If the mind can believe it, the body can achieve it!

      All the best,


  • I used to be such a confident and outgoing person, I could speak to anyone and everyone. But I was in a long relationship which I believe slowly eat away at my confidence. No that relationship is gone and I am a shadow of who I was before. I lost all my confidence in myself and the thought of going socialising is actually pretty scary to me! I never imagined I could be like this. But it can happen to anyone even someone good looking or pretty. Can hypnosis really build confidence and cure my anxiety? I don’t mean to sound sceptical but it’s not something I know anything about! Please help! thank yoU!

    • Hi Robbie,

      I’ve been where you are now. I used hypnosis to build confidence, but hypnosis alone isn’t enough. You need to also play your part. The benefit of working with me is that you’ll get ‘home work’ on top of rebuilding subconscious beliefs that empower you to succeed.

      I’ll send you an email with more information.

      Happy Sunday!


  • This message is for anyone considering to work with Andre. I have been using his hypnosis sessions for self-confidence and they’ve worked wonderfully for me so far. I recommend him highly!

  • Confidence is overrated and fear is underrated. My fear keeps me safe. I’ve seen confident people do stupid things and get hurt. Just saying..

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