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Transformation Alchemist

I am a catalyst, a guiding force that empowers my clients to unearth their deepest desires and materialise their highest goals. Through the transformative art of Alchemy, I help connect the dots between where you are, and where you deserve to be.

My journey from a shy, introverted child to the confident fully present individual I am today has often been described as nothing short of a miracle. My personal evolution has allowed me to stand unapologetically in my own skin, whether I find myself in the company of royalty, A-list celebrities, or those less fortunate. My comfort in diverse settings enables me to do what I do best: facilitate monumental transformations in the lives of those in my presence.

My confidence is firmly rooted in a profound respect and love for all expressions of life. Having navigated my own share of suffering, I possess the capacity to comprehend and empathise with all forms of pain, and guide individuals towards freedom.

I am deeply focused on optimising personal growth, both for myself and those I serve. I make a deliberate effort to be the last one to sleep and the first one to rise each day as part of my commitment to staying on the cutting edge of personal development. While others in my field are sleeping, I am sharpening my skills, inventing innovative techniques to transform lives, and push my clients beyond their limitations.

I am a critical thinker and a natural problem solver. I see problems as opportunities for success. My intense training as a Master Alchemist has equipped me to calmly deal with any situation life presents.

Andre Zen


I Am Who I am

More About Me

My journey began in Zimbabwe, where I was born into poverty to teenage parents struggling to make ends meet. By the age of 9, I couldn’t read nor write, and I was predicted to fail at everything in life. I struggled to complete simple tasks, and I became the village idiot. It was around this time that I first experienced the light of transformation. From being completely illiterate, I was able to read and write within 10 minutes of accessing high frequency state of mind I now call ‘The Zen One State’. I was then able to write a short story using correct grammar and words beyond that of any 9 year old. This was the first of many miraculous transformations I would experience directly.

As a teenager, life took an even harsher turn, and I found myself homeless. I had no education or skills to rely on, and to make matters worse, I was stabbed on two separate occasions. Despite these hardships, I refused to let my circumstances dictate my future. Remembering the miracle of how I became literate at age 9, I began searching for methods to awaken “The Zen One State”. Deep inside I knew there was more to this life than the poverty and pain of my childhood.

I spent the next several years of my life sharpening the blade of my mind, body and spirit; training in martial arts, Qi Gong,  Meditation, Technology and Alchemy. In just a few short years, I achieved something that no one in my family ever imagined I would – I became the first millionaire and eventually a multi-millionaire. This incredible transformation took shape once I was able to unlock the door of my true potential and determined to live life on my terms.

Since the age of 21, I’ve strived for perfection in everything I do. Today, I utilise my skills, and experiences to create monumental changes in the lives of others.

Transformation Alchemy encompasses practical and spiritual principles. The following quote summarises my practise “Pray like everything depends on God, take action like everything depends on you”.

Through this alchemical journey, I’ve grown closer to the spiritual realm than ever before. I use spiritual and practical skills to achieve impossible results for myself and my clients. Now, I live life on my terms, always having more than enough of everything I desire. My schedule is no longer dictated by external forces, and I could easily spend the next five years without working, living life comfortably. Yet, my love for this world and my determination to free as many people as possible keeps me thoroughly engaged and very happy.

My heritage is a rich tapestry, woven from three distinct cultures – African, Italian, and English. This fusion, paired with my insatiable desire to expand my consciousness, has broadened my perspective. Despite my remarkable success, I maintain a playful and humble nature. I have yet to encounter a situation that laughter couldn’t solve.

My transformation has shifted my life from one steeped in poverty, depression, and negativity to one overflowing with boundless love, positivity, and success. I made many mistakes and endured much pain on the way. But my life’s story is proof that anyone can do the same if that’s what they truly desire.

Languages come naturally to me, and I’ve been exploring Italian, Spanish, and Japanese – my proficiency may be basic, but it’s constantly improving.

My spiritual side beautifully complements my materialistic aspirations. I firmly believe that you don’t have to sacrifice material desires to be spiritual; they coexist harmoniously. I cherish the beauty of giving, and receiving with an open heart. I’m a strong advocate for equality and empowerment for all.

My experiences as a child and teenager have imbued me with a fearlessness. This newfound fearlessness even empowered me to deliver my youngest two  children unassisted. When I say, there are no limits to what you can accomplish in your life, I speak from experience – not just in my life, but in the lives of all those who I have touched. I’ve seen an elderly client of mine overcome her battle with cancer in just 6 months from diagnosis at stage 3. I’ve helped a client with no education or training, build a mutli-million business that she sold for the top end of 9 figures. 

My love for life knows no bounds. My four children have been my greatest teachers, continuously inspiring me to improve myself, empower others and make the world a better place. My grand dream is to transform the lives of at least one billion individuals during my time on this plane. Yes, it’s a big dream – but dreaming big is something I’m known for.

Life’s experiences have revealed to me that we all possess limitless potential, capable of achieving anything we can imagine. Life itself is proof of this fact.

My creative endeavours have taken various forms – from poetry to music and art. Yet, my greatest masterpiece remains my life, carefully designed to meet my exacting needs and those of my family. In the last decade, every day has been a well-spent adventure, doing what I love, with the people I love, in places I adore. I wholeheartedly believe that everyone can attain exactly what they want in life, which is why I’ve ventured into coaching to help others unlock their potential and live as big as they desire.

Family and community are of immense value to me. I consider the entire world my neighbourhood, my home, and my community. This is why I always feel at home, no matter where I am, effortlessly connecting with people from all walks of life, backgrounds, and cultures.

Amidst my deep passion for what I do, I find solace in moments of quiet and stillness. My breathing practice has reached a point where I can go for days without sleep, food, or water without feeling symptoms of deprivation. Music and food hold a special place in my heart, and thanks to our personal chef, I get to eat Michelin-star-level dining in the wonderful every day. 


Why Alchemy?

A closer Look

The origins of Alchemy trace back to the ancient lands of Egypt and Arabia, with a fascinating journey that eventually led to its assimilation by Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. The very word ‘Al Khem’ was a nod to the rich, fertile black soils of the Nile delta, where the seeds of Spiritual Science were first sown, giving birth to a unique breed known as Alkemists. As time unfolded, these practitioners branched into various fields, encompassing philosophies, mathematics, sciences, and a touch of the mystical.

Alchemy, at its core, represents a harmonious fusion of science and spirituality. The Alchemist artfully combines practical and spiritual techniques to unlock profound results. It’s worth noting that several modern disciplines, including Chemistry, Mathematics, Philosophy, Astrology, Psychology, Abrahamic Religions, Hermetics, and Freemasonry, all owe a debt to their ancient ancestor; Alchemy.

The essence of Alchemy is beautifully summed up in its quest to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. To an Alchemist, everything in the material world originates from a common source and, through a series of transformative processes, takes on new and diverse forms.

The age-old stories of Alchemists tirelessly searching for the elusive philosopher’s stone or the elixir of eternal youth, or even attempting to transmute lowly copper into precious gold, are imbued with symbolism. Copper, in this context, represents our basic everyday consciousness. The alchemical transformation of Copper into Gold symbolizes the metamorphosis of the mind, and consequently, the body, into a more divine state, approaching godliness. Remember, we are all created in the image and likeness of the divine, which suggests that we all possess the potential for godly accomplishments.

As a Master Alchemist, I’ve harnessed my own godly gifts to help others transcend their limits and awaken the incredible power, wisdom, and love that resides within them. Witnessing the success of others brings me indescribable joy and satisfaction, whether I’m actively involved in their journey or not.

In life, there are no mere coincidences, no random occurrences. Every event can be traced back to a definite cause. Regardless of the cause that led you to this moment, know that our crossing of paths will leave a lasting impact – monumental, epic, and life-enhancing – for you, for me, and all those we touch between this very moment and the boundless future ahead.

I Am That I am

Areas of Expertise

In a world where the rules often revolve around pieces of paper, you might wonder what sets me apart and makes me qualified to do what I do.

My journey began early on, as I established my very first profitable venture at the tender age of 9 (the same week I remembered how to read). Back then, I was selling homemade ‘koolade’ to my schoolmates, raking in nearly £50 a week, which, when adjusted for today’s currency, amounts to an impressive £132. Of course, the teachers had to intervene eventually, but my entrepreneurial spirit was undeniable.

Since my awakening, I’ve possessed a unique talent for solving problems with remarkable ease. This innate ability led me to found my technology company, iZen Technologies, specializing in delivering tailored solutions to prominent corporations across the UK and Europe.

Reflecting back to not being able to read or write at the age of 9, to having achieved an IQ of 145 by the time I was 23. Thinking outside the box, understanding people and their needs, and an ability to perceive what many others cannot, became hallmarks of my journey.

My academic journey is quite diverse, with several first-class diplomas and certifications spanning numerous fields, from Technology and Business Coaching to Life Coaching, Accounting, Psychology, Astrology, Numerology, Science, Relationships, Hypnotherapy, Herbal Remedies, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong, and Digital Marketing, among many others. I’ve come to understand that experience is often more valuable than any piece of paper.

Yet, the pinnacle of my journey has been my harsh experiential education in Alchemy. I was selected by the Unified Global Association of Master Alchemists (UGAMA) to undergo their demanding trials, spanning a gruelling 16-year period. Though the specifics remain confidential, I can reveal that one particularly challenging trial involved being buried alive in soil infested with red ants for a daunting 12 hours with only a bamboo straw to breathe from. I not only endured these trials but excelled, earning the title of ‘The Zen One,’ initiating me as Master Alchemist of Transformation. I am the only person alive on Earth to hold this title, this achievement undoubtedly surpasses all my other certifications. Becoming a Master Alchemist isn’t the final destination; rather, it’s the first step in an ongoing journey towards cementing Mastery into my very being.

A track record spanning two decades, marked by creating success for both myself and others, stands as a compelling testament to my qualifications. I am in a perpetual state of evolution, relentlessly crafting, honing, and transforming every facet of my life. My guiding principle is to leave everything better than I find it. Those who’ve known me even just six months ago would likely be astounded by the extent of my growth in that short span.

Perfection, as I’ve come to understand, is a state of constant change, and it is the beating heart of everything I do – to evolve, to transform, and to consistently become better than I was yesterday. I’m in a perpetual competition with myself, constantly striving to outdo who I was yesterday and become a better version of myself tomorrow. It is this very principle that guides me in my work with others.

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