Total Spiritual Transformation
& Awakening

Your Soul's True


Go through the soul trials, gain an expanded perspective of the self.


Powerful tools such as the ‘Live Burial’ are invoked to align your mind with higher consciousness.


On completion of your funeral, your true-self is reborn to claim your rightful place.


Physical and Mental energies are remapped to integrate the transformations.


Your true identity fully realised. You have become one with the truth of your highest being.


Create definitive results, become a channel of limitless unique expression.

A closer look

Each transformation ceremony is totally unique. Some commonalities are list below...

The Soul Trials

These uniquely crafted exercises combine, physical, breathing, and mental exercises that are designed to expand your sense beyond the bundle of ideas that cloud your inner truth.
The trials are completed over 2 days
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Alchemical Rebirth

A ritual for purification and rebirth. It includes a funeral and live burial into the earth, after which you will be born a new as your authentic and highest-self, embodied fully in the eternal moment.

Your Soul Report

To guide your journey ever-forwards, receive your soul report, that includes details on your spiritual challenges, and how to work with them to complete your Earth mission.

Continued Support

Drastic transformations embodied, it is time for you to return to the world, not as you were but as you truly are. Receive unlimited support for 3 months following your rebirth to ensure complete integration and unstoppable momentum.


The investment ranges from £2,222 which are held 1-2-1. Finance options are available. For those unable to commit at this level, click here to view alternative guided self-study options.

The alchemical process evokes intense personal transformation as a result of going through equally intense mental, physical and spiritual trials. This is not for the faint of heart – it requires an unwavering commitment to claim your true power and place in the world. Those with certain medical conditions may not be able to partake in this process (contact for details).

During the process you will undergo many shifts as the energies that have been holding you back are transmuted into stepping stones to align you with your personal power and inner-wisdom.

What you can expect:

  • Gain an ultra expanded understanding of your true self.
  • Overcome reactive tendencies and shift to higher consciousness.
  • Connect with prosperity and abundance.
  • Transform feelings of hopelessness into powerful actions that drive success.
  • Learn practical tools to fuel physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.
  • Manifest your potential and reveal your soul’s ultimate purpose.

Furthermore, the trials are held in person over a 1-3 day period, as well as ongoing training held remotely via video call. Use the application to request further details.

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