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Experience a spiritual breakthrough in this 14 week intensive designed to elevate your mind, body & connect with your higher-self
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Meet your Spiritual Life Coach

Master Alchemist of Transformation

I solve problems by connecting dots through practical Alchemy and Spiritual Zen. My methods are unorthodox, yet the results are undeniable.

My craft is the art of creating impossible outcomes by transforming obstacles into opportunities for my clients.

Andre Zen

Andre Zen

Master Alchemist of Transformation

Spiritual Life Coach

I’m on a mission to change the world by making peoples lives better.

Zen Master
Master Alchemist
Spiritual Business Coach
Spiritual Life Coach

In Service I Rise


I am constantly perfecting my craft, to provide an ever-improving service, to an ever increasing number of people, worldwide.

Go Beyond Spiritual Life Coaching

Transform Your Life
with Alchemy

“Imagine living the life you’ve always dreamed of – it’s possible, and I’m here to guide you through the journey. I’ve personally transformed my life from the ground up, creating a lifestyle that aligns perfectly with my dreams. Now, I’m ready to help you do the same.

If we vibe and connect, there are two ways we can work together:

1. One-to-One Transformation Coaching Sessions: Fast-track your evolution with personalised coaching, where you get my undivided attention whenever you need it. Apply to work with me here.

2. Group Transformation Sessions: Join small, impactful group sessions designed to create a powerful atmosphere for everyone involved. Learn more here.

3. The Zen One Academy: My online Spiritual Academy, offering 21 game-changing courses for a more flexible transformation journey. Transformation at your own pace, engage in stimulating discussions on the dedicated forums and partake in weekly group coaching live sessions. Sign up here.

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