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Your Destiny is anything but ordinary, If you’ve spent your life doing ordinary things, then you have no idea who you truly are, and what your full capabilities are.

Planet Jupiter

Meet the worlds premier

Transformation Alchemist & Coach

I solve problems by transforming lives through Alchemy. My methods are unorthodox, and not for the faint of heart.

Radical Transformation requires, radical action.

I work with individuals, couples and teams to build unstoppable momentum & create massive success.

Alchemy is the art of creating impossible outcomes by transforming obstacles into opportunities.

Andre Zen

Andre Zen

Master Alchemist & Transformation Coach

Your Life, Rewritten

I’m on a mission to Inspire, Transform and Improve lives across the world.

Life Coach
Master Alchemist
Business Coach
Spiritual Transformation

In Service I Rise


My only desire in this space, is to provide an ever-improving service, to an ever increasing number of people, world-wide.

Go Beyond Life Coaching

Transform Your Life
with Alchemy

You can have the life you dream of, if you are willing to put in the work and follow the plan we create together. I took my life from the gutter, and crafted a superb life that suits all my needs and desires perfectly. I work when I want to and get paid what I want, doing what I love.

Assuming that we are compatible, there are two active routes to working with me:

One-to-One Transformation Coaching Sessions – for those who are seeking to fast-track their evolution. You’ll have my undivided attention, on-demand.

Group Transformation Sessions – small groups, where I create the atmosphere that enables maximum impact for all members.

A third route is being crafted as you read this, my online Academy that will enable the casual person to transform their life at their own pace, in their own time with 21 limit shattering courses, covering essential transformations. Subscribe below for updates on this.

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