Is Relationship Coaching Necessary?

Is Relationship Coaching Necessary?

How Relationships determine success

Relationships are an integral part of life, be it personal or professional. People thrive on healthy and cordial relationships that help them connect and build a strong bond with others. However, not all relationships are perfect, and at times, they require guidance and support to flourish. Here enters relationship coaching, which is a powerful tool used by individuals to better understand and improve their relationships.

Relationship coaching provides a supportive and safe environment where an individual can share their concerns and work collaboratively with a trained professional coach. Coaching sessions help identify relationship patterns, explore communication skills, and develop strategies to improve the quality of your relationships.

The benefits of relationship coaching extend beyond personal relationships and can help improve professional relationships. Effective communication, conflict resolution, and strong interpersonal skills learned through relationship coaching can enhance team dynamics and productivity. Building strong relationships with customers, friends, family and a good self-relationship ultimately leads to success in all areas of life.

One of the key failures of a person is the lack of the ability to build and maintain good relationships. At 17, I was homeless. Developing the skill of building rapport with others on the streets is what kept me safe during those cold dark nights in London. Little did I realise that this same skill, would create success in every area of my life.

Relationship coaching is a valuable investment that should never be overlooked. Some people are born with a natural affinity to building instant rapport and maintaining a good relationship with others – we call this type of person a ‘people person’. The good news is, that this skill can be mastered by anyone. In truth, you don’t need a coach to help you learn how to connect with others. I certainly wasn’t coached. My ability arose out of a natural need to keep me safe. I continued to hone this skill due to the various people focused job roles I had over the years. This same skill is what lead me to obtaining over 100k in followers in 8 months with seemingly minimum effort. It’s taken me over 20 years to develop and continue to perfect this skill.

Of course there is a shortcut to success in this area… Relationship Coaching! With the help of a Relationship coach, individuals can unlock their potential to create healthier, happier and more fulfilling relationships, both personally, professionally and in a much shorter time-frame than it took me. 

A closer look at the impact of poor relationships

The person who has a poor/stressful relationship with their spouse or children, is 85% more likely to perform poorly professionally as they carry this stress into the work place. The person who has a poor working relationship with their colleagues or manager will carry this stress home to their family and friends. Stress can quickly lead to depression and other ill-health conditions. Finally, the person who has no relationship with themselves, will have no direction in life – that is, they will have difficulty understanding themselves and finding their rightful place in the world.

The person who has a strong self-relationship understands himself/herself. This person knows exactly what he/she wants at all times on life’s journey. The person who has an exceptional relationship with his/her spouse will be able to face many difficulties (and succeed). The person who has a strong relationship with his/her colleagues – is able to perform well at work and achieve the company’s objectives (without getting too stressed out).

How are your relationships doing? Is there room for improvement? Do you think that improving the quality of your relationships could take your life to the next level? Wether you are exactly where you want to be or still working towards it – there is always one more step you can take towards building a better relationship with family, friends, colleagues and business partners.

Get in touch with me by clicking here to discuss how we can work together to take your relationships and your life to a whole new level.

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  • Relationship coaching is defo necessary! Nearly everyone I know inc me has had issues with relationships. Some might say thats life but I reckon thats modern life. Back in the days of my Grandparents people had better relationships and stayed together and stayed friends. I lost so many friends over the last 5 years its a joke honestly. Please teach these people how to respect each other as thats something I noticed is missing from a lot of people nowadays! Respect for doing you

    • Hi Lee, I agree that the pressures of modern life can take their toll on all your relationships (not just romantic ones). This is why we need better education on how to navigate the pressures of life while maintaining good relationships. Being coached is a great way to learn these tools as an adult. I look forward to a future where coaching isn’t so needed, this stuff should be taught to us in High School – I’m sure one day it will be (if it isn’t already in some parts of the world). Thanks for your input, it is much valued here.

  • You already know I agree with you on all things related to relationships Andre. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have chosen you as my mentor and coach. I think a short video on this would definitely help many xXx

  • Superb article! I agree we all need to learn how to manage relationships better. Maybe then there would be less divorces and break ups happening. Also a lot less stress on peoples lives at work. I hope you do a workshop on this my friend. I would love to have some sessions with you but right now I can only afford a small amount. If you do group workshop that could be more affordable as more people pool together to pay your fees. Your work is priceless and very much appreciated. Thank you for all your videos that you put online.

  • A well written opinion. Here is my opinion, I think that the problem is people are desensitised to the needs of others. They just don’t care about anyones needs but their own when it comes to relationships. Will coaching help? I don’t know because everyone seems to think they know better. Even still I pray and hope that people wake up from treating others poorly. Your intentions are good I can see that. We need more people willing to make a difference. Count me in if you need help with relationship coaching. I would love to work under you as your apprentice and help make a difference in peoples relationships.

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