How to choose the right Life Coach

Spiritual Life Coaching

A Guide to finding the right Life Coach

Finding the right life coach can be a daunting task, but it is critical to your success and well-being. Here are some steps to help you:

1. Determine your needs and goals: Get clear on your personal objectives, needs, and life purpose.

2. Research potential coaches: Read their bios and testimonials. Always check search engines for reviews held on third party websites such as TrustPilot and ReedReviews. You can also check if they are on LinkedIn and Social Media sites – then you can have a look at the type of content they post to see if you resonate with it. When reading their bio, try to determine if the coach in question is living their best life, what their struggles were and where they are now.

3. Schedule a discovery session: Most coaches offer free initial consultation sessions. Take advantage of this to ask relevant questions, such as how they work, what their philosophy is, and how sessions will be conducted in order to achieve your results.

4. Assess their communication style: Communication is crucial when working with a coach. Observe your potential coach’s communication style, and see if it aligns with yours. Do they talk over you? Do they really listen? And most importantly, do they understand your struggle?

5. Consider their availability: Check if the coach is available when you need them, and if they offer flexible appointment times.

6. Evaluate their fees: The cost of coaching varies, but make sure you budget your spending wisely. Don’t overspend on coaching that you cannot afford. The purpose of being coached is to help you get results – the results you are seeking should be worth more than the investment of the coaching. As an example if you wanted to learn to cook simple meals, you wouldn’t spend 15k getting a Michelin star Chef to train you. Or would you?

7. Trust your intuition: After weighing all the factors, trust your instincts. Pick a coach that you feel you will connect and work well with. Being coached is a partnership, your wins are your coaches wins too. The results you are seeking should have definite, real and measurable time scales. An experienced coach will be able to assess your capabilities based on where you are now, versus where you are wanting to go.

8. Measure their experience: depending on the type of coach you are looking for, you will need to see proven results. A World-Class Business Coach should already have several years of running successful businesses or coaching others to scale their business. A World-Class Life Coach should have been living their best life for at least a decade or more. A World-Class holistic Life Coach or World-Class Spiritual Life Coach should be highly intuitive and be able to demonstrate their gifts or the modalities they work with.

By following these steps, you can find the right life coach and set yourself up for success!


As a coach, my style can be described as results orientated and grounded in a proven track record of success. Through transparent communication, I prioritise my clients’ goals and work tirelessly with them to create a plan for achieving their desired outcomes. In addition to my unique coaching method, I utilise social media as a tool for reaching a wider audience and sharing helpful insights and strategies to help people live a life of freedom, success and progress. At the time of writing this article, I have over 124,000 followers across Instagram, TikTok and Youtube, as well as 40,000 subscribers to this blog.

Further, I am dedicated to giving back through charity work and community engagement. My commitment to charitable efforts reflects my belief in the importance of contributing positively to the world around me and lifting those in need.

With extensive experience in a variety of industries and a strong network of professional connections, I offer a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge to my clients. My dedication to continuous growth and education ensures that I am always the one leading the latest trends and developments in my field, providing the most cutting-edge coaching possible. In fact, 80% of my clients are practising coaches. Overall, my approach is centered on empowering my clients to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

You can learn more about my story by clicking here, you can read independent reviews from clients all over the world by clicking here, and you can see me in action on social media by clicking here.

It’s important that we are a perfect fit to work together, I do have a 3 week waiting list for 1-2-1 coaching as I only work with a small number of people whom I give my all to. You can join the waiting list by clicking here.

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  • I absolutely love this article on how to choose the right life coach. it’s something I’ve struggled with and now I am really looking forward to working with you Andre!

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