Shadow Entity and Parasite Removal

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Remove Shadow Entities, Spiritual Parasites, negative energy and curses/evil eye. Transform the darkness into light with Andre Zen


In the realm where shadows deepen and despair lurks, I have encountered a hundreds of malevolent entities— shadow fiends – parasites that are born of the darkness. These shadowy entities hide in cold corners, they are elusive and insidious. They prey upon those submerged in prolonged stress or haunted by the ghosts of trauma. They thrive on the fertile grounds of helplessness, despair, and sorrow, manifesting as a parasitic force that attaches themselves to the unsuspecting, while feeding and growing daily.

The symptoms of these shadow entities influence are subtle yet pervasive. You may find yourself trapped in a perpetual emotional abyss, unable to escape feelings of negativity, anxiety, panic attacks and other depressive states. A sense of hopelessness may pervade your thoughts, and a heavy fog of sorrow clouds your every step. These entities dark influence manifest as persistent anxiety, invasive thoughts, and an unshakable feeling of impending doom amongst other things.

Those with psychic sensitivity may experience hearing noises such as tapping, foot steps, doors closing/opening or hear the sound of something falling somewhere in the house or bedroom during the darkness of night. You may even find yourself being woken up consistently by other noises. Not being able to remember your dreams or having nightmares may also be one sign depending on the strength of the shadow fiend.

As a harbinger of emotional affliction, these shadow entities strategically amplify the impact of past traumas, ensuring wounds never truly heal. They foster an environment conducive to depression, and manipulate emotions to create a breeding ground for desolation.

In the face of these malevolent forces, my role as a Master Alchemist is paramount. Drawing upon the ancient arts of spiritual purification and transformation, I possess the knowledge and skill to unravel the tendrils of these shadow entities, and help victims regain their lost vital energy. Through my understanding of energy transmutation, universal laws and God’s Alchemy, I am able intervene, even from a distance, severing the ethereal ties that bind the entities to your despair.

The purification process involves a meticulous unraveling of the entity’s influence, detangling it from your spiritual aura. Armed with the wisdom passed down through centuries of evolving traditions, I make use of divine prayer rituals, complex invocations, and sacred tools to transmute the negative energy. I transforming the void left by the entity into rejuvenating light, fostering a space for healing and renewal.

Liberated from the shadow entity’s grasp, you will begin to experience shifts in your energy, mood and attitude. The heavy cloak of despair lifts, making room for newfound clarity, resilience, and a resurgence of hope. Guided by divine light, you will shift towards spiritual rejuvenation, the shadows will transform into new found power, and you will emerge stronger, with the scars of the past no longer holding sway over your beautiful spirit.

Once you’ve made the commitment to purge yourself and reclaim your freedom, power and spirit, I will be in touch with an initial consultation, which will give me a deep understanding of your predicament. As gifted Psychic, I am also a Master of elemental forces, the journey may require some action on your part too – this will be fully disclosed before treatment begins.

To your health, with Love always,

Andre Zen
Master Alchemist of Transformation
Member of UGAMA (Unified Global Association of Master Alchemists)

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    Jenny-Anne Marshal

    Living in the light

    Jenny-Anne Marshal (verified owner)

    I had been having panic attacks almost my whole life. Tried therapy, meds, reiki, exercise and countless other modalities and nothing made anything better for me. I was about ready to accept my fate that I will always have panic attacks every week, then bam! I came across a video of Andre’s talking about his spiritual gifts. Something in me shifted just hearing his voice and seeing his face. I didn’t hesitate to book my session and boy! Was it an absolutely incredible experience. Talking with Andre was very natural, I felt as if a guardian angel had showed up in that moment. Andre explained where my anxiety came from and it made so much sense, I never would have imagined someone I just met could make me feel as if I had known him all my life, it’s like he had been with me in every moment an experience everything but from the point of understanding these things, things that I couldn’t make sense of by myself. The session went super well and he sent me a potent healing meditation which he recorded specifically for me based on the things we had discussed. Even after talking to him I felt a sense of strength from within me and I knew my life had already changed direction. It’s been 7 days since I started using the meditation and I have not had 1 panic attack! I feel in control of my life for the first time and I can’t thank Andre enough. You saved me and gave me the strength to live a life outside of the shadows.

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Remove Shadow Entity

Shadow Entity and Parasite Removal