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The Hermetic

Zen of Business

Let the harmony of Zen and hermetics catapult you to the peak of success in your career or business. When work is conducted in a harmonous and hermetic manner – success comes of itself, effortlessly.

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Meditation in Business

Harmony is Success

Stress hormones such as cortisole degrade memory and erode health over time. Introducing mindfulness and meditation in the workplace reduces stress while raising productivity by as much as 200%.


Peak Performance

Hermetics in Business

Applying the Zen of Hermetics into business has yielded massive returns for myself and my clients. Learn to work smart, gain unshakeable confidence, reach peak performance, win new business, get promoted and succeed.



The Business of Success

Andre started his first business endeavour at age 9, selling bottles of pop at school. Since then, Andre has run his own succesful IT Consultancy, as well as assisting many others achieve 6 and 7 figure success.

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